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Welcome to Chukky Technologies

Welcome to

Chukky Technologies.

The SEO Arm of our services - A Design and Development Agency d.

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Check your Website’s SEO


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing involves positioning your business to be in front of potential customers wherever they maybe browsing from. We can help you with this.

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SEO Optimization

We deliver end-to-end SEO solutions based on goals that matter to you the most. We take time to understand your business and create a strategy to accomplish your commercial objectives.

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Social Media Marketing

Expand into newer market, increase traffic and sales revenue to your website while using your social media account to run sponsored ads that gets people to talk about your brand

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Why We’re The Best
Match For Your Business!!

Why you should Hire us for your SEO needs

: 1. Keyword research – Identifying your targeted Search Engine audience.
2. Content creation – developing bespoke content that is SEO friendly and gains attention of visitors simultaneously.
3. Inbound Links Optimization – Applying on-page SEO techniques to all pages of the site for googlebot.
4. Outbound Links optimization – Gaining popularity and backlinks from other websites to yours.
5. Local search Listings – Increasing website traffic and store visit for onsite businesses like stores, eatry etc.
6. Website Analytics – Learning about your the location of your visitors’ where on your site did they spend the most time and behaviour.

About Us
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Best Digital
Marketing Services

Common digital campaign Objectives of our clients:
Increase targeted website traffic 1) Increase brand awareness 2) Drive sales and/or leads 3) Increase social media followers and/or engagement 4) Be the go-to source for your product/service/industry 5) Increase online visibility


Digital Marketing

1. Top Ranking
2. Website Traffic Increase
3. Generate Conversion Intent Leads
4. Growth In Sales
5. Increase In Profit
6. Business Growth


SEO Optimization

We can run a quick SEO audit for your site and point out the following red flags for a small fee:

1) URL structure 2) Site speed 3) Missing Meta description, 4) Unique page titles, 5) long tail keywords 6) H1, H2, H3 tags. 7) Length of body content 8) Site index 9) Google Analytics 10) Robots.txt file 11) Sitemap 12) Quality of Backlinks.


SEO Benefits and How You Profit from it

Benefit of requesting a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service

1. SEO will help you gain market share
2. SEO pulls-in quality traffic
3. SEO traffic is more likely to convert sales.
4. SEO increases sales and leads.
5. SEO can increase your website referrals.

How It's Work

Our Process is custom design to capture your requirement and specification.
Using our process, we can help you grow your brand

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01. Keyword Research

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02. Keyword Integration

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03. Audience Targeting

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04. Result

SEO Audit, Performance
And SEO Score Report

Let us help Audit your website for bugs, broken links, Website Page speed and rating of your website and see where you stand in general ranking compared to others. Basic package absolutely free but indepth analysis at an affordable price.

Analyze Website
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Happy Clients

Here what our past clients has to say to our services
At chukkytech we don't just seek to satisfy you but we go the extra mile to leave continually impressed

Before now, my website was poorly ranked on google search result, but i had no clue how bad until i saw the audit of my website before taking steps to fix the issue

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Mike A


Performance has always been key for us, but when the chukkytech team helped us with our website performance boost. Our page ranking on google improved.

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Austin O

Biz Developer

As opposed to using 'Content here, content here', making it look like readable EngliMany desktop publishing

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Lauren E

Sales Manager

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